Urbasolar works alongside UNAF to save bees!

Urbasolar is committed to the energy transition on a daily basis, working for a greener planet, and is also very concerned about preserving biodiversity. The group entered into a partnership with UNAF, symbolized by the inauguration of three beehives at the group’s headquarters in Montpellier.

The bee: a key player in preserving biodiversity

For Urbasolar, the development of any solar power plant calls for exemplary respect for the biodiversity, natural resources, heritage and landscapes of the area in which it is installed. We see each project as an opportunity to take action in favor of the environment through ecological measures proportionate to the project’s stakes, and to complement them where possible with additional measures.

In 2019, we installed our first apiary on a ground-mounted power plant. In partnership with a local beekeeper, 80 beehives have been set up on the site of the Nizas solar power plant (34). Convinced of the major importance of bees in protecting biodiversity, and of the “natural” synergy with solar farms, we approached UNAF. This partnership represents invaluable support for extending this approach wherever we operate, by putting us in touch with local beekeepers, and installing numerous apiaries. Over 300 beehives will be installed on our power plants, in addition to the three beehives in the garden of our Montpellier head office!

Beehives inaugurated!

The three beehives were inaugurated in the presence of Mr. Christian Pons – President of UNAF, Mr. Denis – Project Manager at UNAF, beekeeper Mr. Armand Da Costa, Urbasolar Chairman Mr. Antoine Millioud and many of our staff. The occasion also saw the official signing of a three-year partnership agreement with UNAF, as well as a sponsorship agreement with FDNAP (Fonds de Dotation National pour les Abeilles et les Pollinisateurs).

Raising awareness among our employees

We are also committed to raising awareness of the essential role played by bees in preserving biodiversity. We therefore set up awareness-raising campaigns for our employees and partners.

We also offer employees the chance to help the beekeeper with the upkeep of the apiary, and we’ll share with them the honey produced in the hives!