Yellow Kiwifruit: Fruitful partnership between Maxime PALLIN, Vergers Cancel and Urbasolar

Maxime PALLIN is a young farmer based in Gironde. He produces cereals and asparagus and will soon be growing yellow kiwis in Serrisol photovoltaic greenhouses.

Urbasolar, a renewable energy producer based in Montpellier, and Vergers Cancel, a fruit packer and distributor based in the Tarn-et-Garonne region, have set up a partnership to produce and market kiwifruit under photovoltaic greenhouses.

> Focus on the Pallin greenhouse, located in the commune of Le Temple, where the Dorì yellow kiwifruit is grown, a particularly gourmet variety that is highly prized by consumers in France and on the European market.

The photovoltaic greenhouse, a high-performance production tool for agriculture

In addition to their contribution to the energy transition through the production of green energy, solar greenhouses offer farmers numerous benefits for their crops. The major advantage of the photovoltaic greenhouse for yellow kiwifruit is protection against PSA bacterial blight, a bacterium that is particularly dreaded on kiwifruit crops. Planted in the open ground and in the greenhouse, actinidia [kiwifruit tree or vine] is protected from this disease. The plantations are also protected from the climate hazard, such as rain and wind, and in particular from frost, which is very common in the commune of Le Temple.

The photovoltaic greenhouse is therefore ideally suited to the development of cultivation of this kiwifruit variety (which is particularly sensitive to PSA) and enables production to start more quickly than in the open field (an impossible cultivation method in this case for this kiwifruit variety).

Lastly, while growing Dorì kiwifruit in a photovoltaic greenhouse should enable it to reach market at an early age, this cultivation method also gives it exceptional taste qualities, much appreciated by Vergers Cancel and, ultimately, by consumers.

For Maxime PALLIN, the solar greenhouse built by Urbasolar is a high-performance, turnkey production tool. In addition to limiting investment to agricultural equipment, this type of greenhouse is attractive thanks to its robustness and durability. Perfectly adapted to the needs of yellow kiwifruit and its strict specifications, the Serrisol greenhouse enables farmers to secure their crops and diversify if they wish, while remaining autonomous and competitive.

A success in every respect!

With a surface area of more than 3.5 hectares, this photovoltaic agricultural production facility has a combined output of 3.41 MWp and produces 4,258 MWh of renewable electricity annually, enabling the farmer to participate in the energy transition of his region.

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