Operation – Maintenance

Having our own power station supervision and performance monitoring software (a tool developed by our engineers in collaboration with CEA-INES), as well as our own application “Urbasolar Connect”, we can prolong the life of your generators and guarantee optimum electricity production.

  • Predictive maintenance by anticipating faults
  • Optimize power station availability
  • Limit production downtime

Our software: crammed with advanced technologies

Triggers an alert when a fault occurs and our teams perform full pre-diagnostics within 30 minutes with 24/7 coverage.

  • Categorizes the incident to help your maintenance provider do their job and proposes an action plan within 2 hours
  • Uses the latest innovations in remote diagnostics: production forecasting, predictive fault diagnostics, etc.
  • Compatible with all types of inverters and communications systems

Urbasolar Connect: the solution which is in constant contact with your power stations

Available in 7 languages – Urbasolar Connect supports all of your inverters and PLCs!

  • Monitor electricity production in real time and compare results against the forecasting tool
  • EDF OA invoicing support
  • Summary of key information for each station (modules, inverters, tariffs)
  • Data available by day, month or year
  • Monitor one power station or a series of power stations


Thanks to the smart technology on board our on-site PLCs, we are able to:

  • Control high-voltage/low-voltage breakers, trackers and inverters remotely
  • Disconnect inverters on demand from the grid operator or in the event of negative tariffs
  • Divert output from your power station to self-consumption in real time
  • Provide support to the grid in real time (every 5 seconds)
  • Establish production forecasts at D-1, adjusted to H-1
  • Manage injection from sites with storage facilities.

Installed on-site, URBABOX provides automatic control over your facilities so you can control load-balancing and reduce your electricity bills.

Urbasolar offers a full set of solutions for optimum asset management, tailored to your individual needs, and operates throughout Europe and around the world. Aimed at achieving excellence, we are constantly improving our tools and we will provide you with the latest versions free of charge.

Quality, Security, Environment

Quality, Security, Environment

Developer of technical and environmental quality issues, ISO 9001 and 14001 certified in France, Urbasolar is the 1st French group to have obtained AQPV certification (French photovoltaic quality alliance).
The group uses a construction quality assurance plan that details the goals and processes that must be respected for the construction of a photovoltaic power plant, from commissioning to acceptance of works.
Its environmental engagement is expressed through the implementation of an Environmental Resource Management System and its work in Soren France, of which it is a founding member.

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