Photovoltaic greenhouses

With dozens of hectares of greenhouses built or in development, Urbasolar has become a reference in the sector. Developing innovative and high performance tools for the agricultural sector, the group is committed to implementing solutions to improve the competitiveness of farms, while respecting each agricultural project and the environment.

Our photovoltaic greenhouse solutions, marrying energy production and agricultural activity, offer you the opportunity to diversify production, open towards new outlets (local networks, direct sales, etc.), protect cultivations, lengthen production cycles, and improve your working conditions.

In collaboration with the highest performing businesses in the field, Urbasolar has developed different concepts in photovoltaic greenhouses, capable of responding to all your needs (type of greenhouse, dimensions, layout, etc.) and adapts to the nature of your production and cultivations to deliver the ideal greenhouse for your activity.

Our turnkey offer includes detailed engineering of the project, administrative and urban planning processes, a portion of financing, calls for offers proposals, installation construction, quality audits, the various tests, and commissioning.

Diversified vegetable production

capacity: 3,3 MWp

Market Farming (Strawberries & Raspberries)

capacity: 2,8 MWp

Horticultural production

capacity : 250 kWp

Market Farming (Asparagus)

capacity : 3,7 MWp

Raspberry production

capacity : 250 kWp

Market Farming (Zucchini)

capacity : 844 kWp

Production of lamb’s lettuce

capacity: 0,9 MWp

Diverse Market Farming

capacity : 500 kWp

Market Farming

capacity: 5,2 MWp

Diversified market farming (salads, strawberries, citrus fruits)

capacity: 2,8 MWp