Urbasolar solar energy plants are helping to decarbonize 2 logistics platforms.

The specialist in large solar energy installations is showing off its expertise in the field of logistics at the GPMM (Grand Port Maritime) in Marseilles, France, by fitting solar panels to more than 150,000 m2 of roof space.

Solar energy is an opportunity for the logistics sector

The new requirement to equip more than 30% of roof space in buildings larger than 1,000 m² with solar panels, imposed from today by the French Energy & Climate Bill, will mean solar energy is set to become the most relevant solution when it comes to meeting the new energy challenges and regulatory requirements.

The recent commissioning of the roof-mounted solar energy plants fitted to the Mediaco and Savills logistics platforms in Port-St-Louis-du-Rhône is proof of this, with a combined output of 11.5 MW, representing more than 150,000 m² of roof space between them.

Going beyond the basic requirements and installing solar panels over more than 60% of their roof space, annual production from both of these platforms will reach 15,000 MWh, or 50% of the electricity consumption of the inhabitants of Fos-sur-Mer and these will provide a local source of green energy, in line with the ambitions of the two owners of the buildings in question.

Urbasolar, a specialist in the logistics sector

With more than 750,000 m² of roof space already fitted with solar panels, of which 50% are BREEAM certified, over only a few years the Urbasolar group has made its name as the industry’s specialist in supporting the logistics sector through its energy transition, offering custom solutions able to optimize a building’s energy performance.

With its proven expertise in the solar energy field, Urbasolar sees the new French Energy & Climate Bill as an opportunity to increase the value of every real-estate asset, using high-performance solar energy installations with low environmental impact, thus contributing to the decarbonization of these buildings.

Roof-mounted solar energy plants – Mediaco A8 and Savills – Photo credit: Urbasolar/M.Colin