The Orleix shopping center parking lot has been fitted with photovoltaic canopies!

Born of the partnership between the Syndicat Départemental d’Énergie des Hautes-Pyrénées (SDE65) and the Urbasolar group and the support of the Orleix mayor’s office, the 2 MWp photovoltaic canopies in the Leclerc shopping center parking lot were inaugurated today.

In the presence of Guillaume Rossic, Mayor of Orleix, Patrick Vignes, Chairman of SDE 65, Maryse Carrère, Senator for Hautes-Pyrénées, Viviane Artigalas, Senator for Hautes-Pyrénées, Benoît Mournet, Member for Hautes-Pyrénées and Gilles Attolini, CFO Urbasolar.

A private-public partnership for the deployment of renewable energy

Through the Ha-Py Energies private-public partnership, the SDE65 aims to put the département on the pathway to energy transition.  This ambition, shared by the renewable energy producer Urbasolar, led to a partnership that was signed in 2020 between the two players for five solar projects including the parking canopies at the Leclerc Orleix shopping center.

“By creating the Ha-Py Energies private-public partnership (SEM) in 2020, we wished to stimulate and accelerate the construction of solar projects in the territory, supported by both the public and private sectors. This inauguration once again testifies to the complementarity of our skills with the Urbasolar group – our knowledge of the territory and Urbasolar’s technical expertise.” Jean Chanéac, Director of SEM Ha-Py Energies

Co-financed by the Urbasolar group (51%) and SEM Ha-Py Energies (49%), this 2 MWp project with an annual production of 2,460 MWh will contribute to the production of renewable energy in the territory, covering the annual electricity consumption of 62% of the population of Orleix*.

A pioneering project that implemented the ambitions of the Renewable Energy Acceleration Act ahead of time to meet national greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets and respond to the climate emergency.

A project that also contributes to improving the quality of the customer experience, offering additional comfort to users by protecting vehicles from the vagaries of the weather.

“The Urbasolar group is very proud to inaugurate this new solar project with the SDE65. We understand that change will be brought about through collective action. For us, this joint achievement is the result of the involvement of several local actors and the shared will to act in favor of the deployment of renewable energy and more particularly in areas that already have man-made structures such as parking lots.” Gilles Attolini, CFO Urbasolar

These parking canopies are in addition to the four other projects supported by Urbasolar and the SDE 65, comprising a ground power plant in Bours, the building and parking canopies at the Rabastens de Bigorre livestock market, and an agrivoltaic project under construction in Oroix and Pintac representing a total power of 23 MWp.

*Source ADEME France.

Inauguration of the Leclerc Orleix shopping center parking lot canopies – Photo credit Urbasolar – From left to right: Ms Artigalas and Ms Carrère, Senators for Hautes-Pyrénées, Mr Vignes, Chairman of SDE 65, Mr Rossic, Mayor of Orleix, Ms Tixier, Director of the Buildings Department, Urbasolar Canopies, Mr Mournet, Member for Hautes-Pyrénées, and Mr Attolini, CFO Urbasolar