Sheep at the heart of an eco-responsible and societal approach.

At Urbasolar, it is important to be as close as possible to the people in the area where we develop our solar farms, to invest in social projects that make sense for us and for our employees. We try to take our actions beyond our missions and promote human values based on solidarity and respect for diversity. It is with this in mind that we have entered into a partnership with “La Ferme de Pipo”, a CSAE (Civil Society of Agricultural Exploitation) created by the Arc en ciel home for the disabled located in Pierrefiche. In 2021, we signed an agreement for the pastoral maintenance of the site of the Badaroux photovoltaic power plant in Lozère.

“Since the creation of the Pierrefiche home in 1998, the “farm”, whether it be the garden or the animal husbandry, has been used as an educational support for our residents. Our project is part of a global approach to social inclusion but also to respect for the environment and animal welfare. To be useful, to feel useful and to be recognised for it, is the basis of all our actions. It was in this spirit that we got in touch with the Urbasolar group for the transhumance of our sheep.

In Urbasolar we have found a partner who listens to us and with whom we share the same values of mutual aid and sharing. The pastoral maintenance of the site by our sheep is beneficial for us as well as for the group, which thus carries out an “ecological” maintenance of the park, which further increases our feeling of social and environmental utility!” ROUVEYRE Olivier, Manager of the CSAE “la ferme de Pipo” and head of the Arc en Ciel home in Pierrefiche

Every year, around 30 sheep of the Thônes and Marthod breeds graze on the site of the power station under the benevolent eye of the residents of the home and of Urbasolar employees.

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