A photovoltaic greenhouse to optimize the performance of your farm

Testimony from Ms. Lamarche, raspberry farmer in Arnac Pompadour (19)

I am thrilled to have this tool available which is much better adapted to my production. The photovoltaic greenhouse will allow me to cultivate in ideal conditions, with greater comfort, and optimized output.
Located in the village of Arnac-Pompadour (Corrèze region), the family farm of Marie-Jeanne and Alain Lamarche specializes in the raising of Limousine cows and in the production of raspberries. Fragile, plantings of berries such as black and red currants and raspberries are regularly affected by various climactic events (storms, hail, frost, etc.), which strongly impacts the farm’s revenue. Little by little, these farmers have refocused their activity to the production of hydroponic raspberries, cultivated under shelter. The plastic cultivation tunnels of the farm were becoming obsolete and this project consisted in replacing them with photovoltaic greenhouses, in the aim of :

  • Protecting the hydroponic raspberry cultivation from climactic risks.
  • Benefiting from a longer production period.
  • Making the farming method sustainable by using responsible farming methods while using more efficient methods of disease and pest prevention.
  • Improving work conditions for employees.

With an area of 3,269 m², for a capacity of 250 kWp, this photovoltaic greenhouse project has contributed to the development of agricultural activity in the region, as well as to national goals for the development of renewable energy.